Article I: Name


The name of this club shall be Focus Film Festival, hereafter referred to as the Club.  It shall be a Queen’s student club located on campus.


Article II:  Objectives


The objectives of the club are:


i.  To offer educational and cultural activities, via offering opportunities for all students to be involved in the creation, filming, and editing of a short film.

ii.  To provide social functions with the purpose of adding to the variety of university life.

iii.  The activities of the club shall be carried on with no intention of personal financial gain; all profits, grants, membership fees, and accretions shall be used uniquely for carrying out the club’s objectives.


Article III: Affiliation with the Alma Mater Society (AMS)


The constitution of the AMS shall take precedence over this constitution.  In particular, the following sections of the AMS constitution shall be recognized: 2.01.03, 7.01, and 7.02.


Article IV: Membership


Full members of the club shall consist of any student or faculty member of Queen’s University and those interested in the Kingston community.

All full members are liable to an annual membership fee prescribed by the Executive Committee at its first meeting each September and approved by the club as a whole.

Full AMS members have the right to vote at the meetings of the General Assembly, seek nomination and be elected to an AMS office.


Article V: Structure of the Executive Committee


1. The Executive Committee consists of two co-directors and eight Executive Officers elected annually by the co-directors of the club, who are elected annually by the co-directors of the previous year.

2. The Executive Officers shall be: co-directors (2), Finance Executive, Group Management Executive, Logistics Executives (2), Web/IT Executive, and Public Relations Executives (3).

3. The Executive Officers shall have such powers and duties as are assigned to them by the constitution and as may be delegated to them from time to time by resolution of the Executive Committee.

4. The Executive Committee shall serve as such without remuneration, and no Officers shall directly or indirectly receive any profits from their positions as such.

5. The quorum of Executive Committee shall be five of its Officers, one of whom must be the co-director; voting shall consist of a simple majority of those present.

6. The Executive Committee may create special sub-committees.  At least one Executive Officer shall sit on any such committee.

7. The term of office of all Officers shall end on the 30th day of April each year.


Article VI: Duties of the Executive Officers


1. Co-Directors – The Co-Directors shall

a. Officially represent Focus Film Festival

b. Be responsible ex-officio for all public relations of Focus Film Festival

c. Preside at all executive and general meetings

d. Coordinate all activities of Focus Film Festival

e. Coordinate all subcommittees

f. Be responsible for all correspondence

g. Sign all cheques with advisement from the Finance executive

2.  Logistics Executives – The Logistics executives shall

a. Assist the Co-Directors in the coordination of all Focus Film Festival activities

b. Be responsible for managing correspondence with those outside of the club

c. Be responsible for all space bookings and equipment rental

d. Be responsible for the allocation, supervision, and maintenance of all Focus Film Festival equipment

3. Finance Executive – The Finance executive shall

a. Be the financial officer

b. Maintain all financial records and receive all money due to Focus Film Festival

c. Present a financial statement every month to the Executive Committee

d. Make a final report to the  Focus Film Festival at the end of his/her term of office

e. Propose an estimated budget in September for Focus Film Festival activities for the year

4. Web/IT Executive – Web/IT executive shall

a. Be responsible for running and maintaining Focus Film Festival’s website

b. Send out monthly newsletters to members on Focus Film Festival’s mailing list

c. Create posters and logos for all Focus Film Festival events

d. Assist the other executive officers in their duties

5. Public Relations Executives – The Public Relations executives shall

a. Be responsible for promoting all Focus Film Festival events

b. Be responsible for all publicity and press release of all events sponsored by Focus Film Festival

c. Be responsible for running all social media accounts owned by Focus Film Festival

d. Think of and be responsible for running fundraising events for Focus Film Festival


Article VII: Duties of the Executive Committee


1. The Executive Committee shall:

a. Hold its first meeting before the end of the September and thereafter every one to two weeks as deemed necessary.

b. Carry on the business of the Focus Film Festival within the limitations of this constitution and its bylaws.

c. Regularly seek the wishes of Focus Film Festival members and always strive to honour them faithfully.


Article VIII:  Provisions for the Constitution of Focus Film Festival


1.  Elections:

a. Applications for executive members will be released in September, and after applications are submitted, selected applicants will be asked for an interview.

b. The co-directors shall select their Executive members based on interview results.

c. Candidates need approval from both co-directors to be elected.

2. Impeachment

a. The Club President or any Officer / Member of the Executive may be removed from Office subject to the following conditions:

i. Failure to preform their assigned tasks in a timely and orderly fashion

ii. Failure to act in a way that is appropriate

3. Executive Committee Transitions

a. The newly elected Executive Officers shall request the serving Executive for all files and bank accounts of  Focus Film Festival before the 30th of April.

4. Financial Records:

a. All funds for Focus Film Festival are located in an account at: the RBC at 65 Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario, account number 02382 102-868-7.


Article IX:  AMS Assembly


The AMS Assembly, as the highest legislative body representing students at Queen’s, constitutes the ultimate source of authority for the Focus Film Festival.  Moreover, it can set up ad hoc committees with specific terms of reference to investigate financial matters and report to its next meeting.


Article X:  Funding


1. In accordance with section 7.02 of the AMS constitution, the Focus Film Festival recognizes it is eligible to receive either or both student activity fees and Assembly grants.  Eligibility for receiving Club Grants shall be restricted to those student organizations receiving funding from neither student activity fees nor Assembly Grants.  Any funding received from the Society shall be spent for the purpose for which it was requested.

2. The Focus Film Festival shall be eligible to fundraise and to receive donations.  Fundraising efforts and donations in excess of $5,000 shall in all cases to be coordinated through the AMS Advancement and Development Officers and the Queen’s University Office of Advancement business office.


Article XI: Amendments


The constitution shall be reviewed annually and any amendments shall be immediately presented to the AMS for approval, through the Commission of Internal Affairs.


email: focusfilmfestival@gmail.com